How To: Green Your Car

teens in car

Going green is one trend that’s never going outta style. There’s everything from eating green, cleaning green to gardening green. Did you know you can also green your ride?

Nope, we aren’t pulling a fast one. And we’ve got the 411 on how.

  1. Don’t stall. Leaving your car idle for 9 minutes releases twice as many pollutants as if you were to turn it off and then restart. Restarting does NOT waste excess gas.
  2. Stay in tune. Get your car regularly serviced. Change the oil, air filter, and oxygen sensor when necessary. An engine that’s out-of-sorts will reduce fuel efficiency by 20%. Also make sure there’s enough air in your tires.
  3. Don’t be a jerk…when driving (and in life). Sudden starts/stops will kill your MPG (miles per gallon). Not to mention it’s dangerous.
  4. Carpool. Duh. Isn’t it better to use one car to go to the mall, than each of friends driving separately?
  5. Keep it in park. Why take the car at all? For shorter distances walk, ride your bike, or take the train/bus.
  6. Cool it. Try not to blast the AC. And roll windows down when you can.
  7. Drive green. If you’re in the market for a new car, think about buying a hybrid. And if you can’t buy green—go for the best MPG you can find.

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