How to: Have an Alcohol Free Party


If you're looking to host an alcohol-free party, we've got you covered. Your friends can have a great time with these steps.

  1. Choose a theme for your party. You can have a luau, Mardi Gras or 1920’s themed party. Whatever theme you come up with, make sure to have tons of decorations. You can even get your friends to dress up!
  2. A party always needs music. Hire a friend to DJ, make an awesome sauce playlist to blast, or hire a local band to perform.
  3. What teenager doesn’t love food? Fill the room with snacks, sweets, drinks and more so your guests won’t even think about alcohol. You can even make an activity out of it by having your guests make their own pizzas.
  4. Come up with fun activities. You can have dance offs, break out board games, or play classics like apple bobbing. You are never too young for games.
  5. Give out prizes to winners of the activities. Gift cards are always a crowd pleaser. 
  6. Having a party with your friends is a great way to spread awareness about something you’re passionate about. It can be texting and driving, alcohol abuse or another cause you feel strongly about. Make an announcement during the party or hand out brochures. 

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