How To Help People Without Air Conditioning

Fan Blowing

Air-conditioning costs the average homeowner 200 dollars per month. Such a high bill excludes underserved schools, apartment buildings, and entire communities from being able to afford A/C. When the season starts to heat up, help out those without airconditioning in the following ways.

Try These Tricks at Home

If the person is unable to leave his or her home, here are ways to stay cool:

  • Keep air flowing. Open windows and turn on fans to create a cross-breeze throughout rooms.
  • Close the window shades or blinds to reduce the sun's heat.
  • Provide an icepack or a towel wrapped in ice for the person's skin.
  • Put a sheet in the freezer and take it out and use it at bedtime.
  • Take a cool shower.
  • Pick out light cotton clothes for them to wear.

Find Public Places to Hang Out

Take the person or group to places that are air-conditioned. You could try places such as:

  • a community center
  • a movie theater
  • the mall
  • a place of worship

Head Outside

When it's not too hot outside (less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit) or there's a breeze, people can feel more comfortable outdoors. Just remember that everyone should:

  • stay in the shade.
  • wear sunscreen and protective gears like hats.
  • drink plenty of water.