How To: Hold a Blanket Drive For The Homeless


Encourage friends, classmates, and neighbors to donate gently-used, clean blankets with a community or school blanket drive. And help someone homeless stay warm on cold nights. 

  1. Find a local homeless shelter or organization that will accept your donations before you start collecting.
  2. Set a date and location for the drive. Think:
    • Your school lunchroom/classroom (make sure you have permission from a school official).
    • A local church 
    • Community center
  3. Spread the word
    • Make flyers to put up in your school and around your neighborhood.
    • Create a Facebook page or group.
    • Ask people to promote it on Twitter.
    • Set a goal and have daily updates showing how close you are to it.
  4. Tally your final numbers. And publically announce the results, thanking everyone who chipped in.
  5. Drop off your donation. 

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