How to: Hold a Diaper Drive


Many families struggle to afford the basic essentials for their children. In fact, 1 in 3 American mothers struggle to afford diapers. Be on diaper duty by hosting a diaper drive to not only help low-income families, but to also raise awareness about the crucial need for diapers.

  1. Learn where to donate. Find a local diaper bank that will accept your donations before you start collecting. 
  2. Get your entire school on board. Ask your principle if you can have the drive in school. If he or she says no, then ask if you can post flyers or make an announcement about the drive. 
  3. Set a date and location for the drive. Popular locations are:
    • Your school lunchroom or a classroom
    • A local church
    • A local library
  4. Get your friends and family involved! Together you can:
    • Make flyers to put up in your school and around your neighborhood.
    • Create a Facebook page or group.
    • Ask people to promote it on Twitter.
    • Set a goal and give a daily update on how close you are to achieving it.
  5. End the drive by posting the number of donations you collected and give a special thanks to everyone who chipped in.
  6. Get ready to donate your diapers. Whether the organization is picking the diapers up or you are dropping them off, follow through with donating the diapers on the date you agreed on.

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