How To: Host a Clothing Drive Fashion Show

fashion show

Whether you're collecting jeans, coats, or other clothing items, produce a fashion show that will increase donations and exposure. In the end, you'll be clothing more people at shelters.

  1. Contact a shelter to work with. Speak with an employee that can give you the details of what you'll need to collect.
  2. See if your school’s auditorium or even its gym is available. You can also look into recreational centers in your local community.
  3. Keep in mind that the production will have to cater to the venue. Will a runway have to be built? Can the drama department loan you spotlights?
  4. Form subcommittees to make sure every aspect of the show is taken care of, like management, public relations, advertising, production, fashion, etc.
  5. Recruit students in your club or school to model their clothing donation. This is a good time to audition people who are interested in performing or emceeing as well.
  6. Advertise through print, Facebook, and Twitter to spread the word about the show. Be sure to include the date, location, associated cause or charity, and the price of a ticket is a donation of jeans, a coat, or whatever you’re collecting.
  7. Have at least one dress rehearsal so that the production team can run through all lighting and sound cues. The models can get a sense of timing and practice the lineup, and any last minute kinks can be worked out.
  8. The emcee should constantly be mentioning where these donations are going during the show. Try having someone count the donations so that you can announce the grand total at the end of the show.
  9. Arrange details with the shelter or organization. Decide if you are dropping donations off or are they picking them up.

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