How To: Host locally grown snack stands

snack stand

Give consumers the option to eat locally grown food at your next school sports game or event.

  1. Convince the people in charge to host snack stands at the football game, musical, or congregation's event. Explain that eating locally grown products encourages
    • small business
    • consumption of natural foods (not processed)
    • the fuel used to get products to consumers
  2. Determine the times and place that the farmers can sell their goods. Also agree on how many stands/sellers the event can handle. Map out restrictions too.
  3. Recruit the farmers. Contact farms near you and ask if they are interested.
  4. Set up a tables. And provide anything else the farmers might need.
  5. You are the management. You'll be the one to check the farmers in, make sure everything runs smoothly, and lead clean-up after the event ends.