How To: Host an Organ Donor Drive

organ donor drive

Registering as an organ donor is simple. You can sign people up online, and then they'll be able to display their status on their state ID.

  1. Get a space to hold your drive. Find a space large enough to hold the event. A classroom would be a perfect size. Maybe your school would allow you to do this after school hours.
  2. Promote your drive.Put up signs and let people know why it is important to be a donor. Also make sure to include a time and location.
  3. Table and a few chairs. If you don’t have a small portable table to bring, ask a friend or neighbor if they have one you can borrow. Have a couple of chairs nearby just in case you have a line.
  4. Laptop with internet connection. You will need one so they can sign up. You can sign them up here.
  5. Print out several donor cards to have at the table. They can fill one out and keep it in their wallets. It is especially important for those without a driver’s license to have one of these. Make sure you have a sign that says so. Also, have some pens handy. Print the cards here.
  6. Inform your potential donors. Make pamphlets, or printed sheets of paper with facts and myths about organ donations. Have the Organ Donor Website listed too. Having a FAQ section is great too. In the front of your pamphlet have a real life success story to show potential donors what a great thing they are doing.
  7. Have a plate of cookies or candy on the table. If you’re not a baker, maybe your mom wouldn’t mind baking some cookies for your event. Come on, everyone loves free food.
  8. Have fun and discuss. This is a great way to learn from your peers. Discussing this subject is a great way to make a new friend, or just have a great conversation.

Here is some FAQ you can use for your information:

  • Who can donate? ANYONE
  • Does it cost money to be an organ donor? NO, not one cent.
  • How old do you have to be? You can be any age.
  • Can I sell my own organs? NO! It is extremely illegal to do so.
  • Will I be saving a life if I donate? Yes, in most cases you would be saving someone’s life.
  • What do I have to show for it if I do not have a driver’s license? Fill out a donor card (which will be at the donor drive)