How To: Host a Potluck for Veterans and Service Members


Veterans and service members have done a lot for us and our country. Repay them back by hosting a potluck. Here are six simple steps you can follow to help honor the troops:

  1. Find an Area. Tell your idea to a local church, community center or hall and rent a space where you could host the potluck.
  2. Spread Awareness. Hosting a potluck involves a large amount of community support. Post fliers around school and the neighborhood, put an ad in the local paper, and ask to make announcements at church or community meetings.
  3. Invite Troops. Troops are the guests of honor at this event so make sure to invite as many members as you can. Here is how you can find troops close to you.
  4. Food. While serving in the military, members have limited food options to choose from. When Veterans and service members call or email to RSVP, find out what their favorite meal or dessert is.
  5. Assign Dishes. Have a meeting with the community members involved about a week before the event and see who could make which dish. Make sure to include American classics such as casseroles, crockpot dishes, chicken and mashed potatoes, and service member favorites (if they could be made).
  6. Decorations. Show your support for the troops by creating a lively and patriotic atmosphere. Fill the room with yellow balloons, camouflage table covers and more!