How To: Host a Zombie Apocalypse-Themed Blood Drive


Why not capitalize on people’s need for horror by running a zombie-inspired blood drive? We’ve got the deets on how.

  1. Decide on a haunt. Every zombie needs a place to frequent. Try a well-trafficked area in your neighborhood. Think mall, fire station, or community center. And make sure they’ll let you decorate for the feast—err blood drive.
  2. Success in numbers. You never just see one zombie. Being the living dead is definitely a group effort. And in that sense you also need to team up. The American Red Cross and United Blood Services are a couple orgs you can contact about running a blood drive in your community.
  3. Pick a date and time. What morning/afternoon will the transformation begin? (Ever notice that people usually become zombies early in the morning or afternoon?) Don’t forget to double check that nurses and equipment is available on that day.
  4. Dawn of the Living. Zombies can only bite those 17 and older. Although some states allow people who are at least 16-years-old to donate. Humans under 19 have to meet certain weight and height requirements.
  5. Promote your drive. You’ll need a really great name. And be sure to mix in the posters, brochures, and pledge cards you get from the blood service.
  6. Schedule Appointments. People will begin contacting you on-site or on the phone. Have a method of scheduling their appointments based on how many people at a time the blood center has told you to bring in. Get the donors’ phone numbers so you can remind them shortly before the event.
  7. Decorate your space.
    • Make it look like you’ve set up a barricade to keep the zombies out.
    • Have a few “fallen” zombies strategically positioned throughout.
    • Get a fellow zombie to leave a bite mark (tattoo drawing obvi) on each human victim.
  8. Day of the event. Greet your volunteers and go over the schedule. Post arrows and posters telling people where to go. And make sure all humans fill out a mini medical history prior to donating.       

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