How To: Lead a Group to Honor Veterans at a Cemetery


Through care packages, fundraisers and celebrations, we would do absolutely anything for our troops. And don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten our fallen heroes. By visiting a veteran cemetery, we can truly show our appreciation and learn about the veterans who have given their lives for our country.

  1. Find your destination. Here is a directory of cemeteries for veterans in the United States. Find one closest to you.
  2. Gather the troops. With your family and friends, decide which day is best for all of you to visit a cemetery. It is always better to visit during the spring or fall.
  3. Research. Find a sexton’s records, which can include burial registers, maps and plot records.
  4. Pack. Make sure to bring water, paper, pencils and a camera. Fresh flowers are great to bring if you are visiting an ancestor or loved one.  
  5. Dress properly. Don’t wear shorts and a tank top. Be respectful by wearing dress pants and a long-sleeved shirt.
  6. Follow the rules. Each cemetery has its own set of rules, especially in regards to gravestone rubbing and leaving flowers. Make sure to be familiar with them. 
  7. Make memories. You can take photos or write down the names and dates of the graves you visited. Gravestone rubbing is a great way to enjoy the experience. Just avoid gravestones that are fragile.
  8. Honor the veterans. When visiting remember that all of the servicemen and women honored have fought for our country. Be respectful and grateful. 


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