How To: Lead a Religious Tolerance Activity

Students walking over the grass

If you have a group of people of different religions (or even different denominations), lead this activity to help promote respect and understanding.

  1. Find a quiet, calm space for your group's size. You could use a classroom, lounge, or someone's basement.
  2. Randomly place people in groups. Your group sizes can be anywhere between 2 and 5 people per group, but each group should all be around the same number.
  3. Have each group go around in a circle and answer questions. Provide each group with a list of discussion topics like:
    • Does your religion believe in a god?
    • According to your religion, who are some of the most important people who have ever lived. Why?
    • What are two important holidays in your religion? What do you do during these holidays?

    These questions are about what that person believes and what that religion follows. No questions should aim at debating what truly exists.

  4. Ask people to share with the entire room. Once every group is done, ask people to volunteer what they learned about other religions.
  5. Write down the responses. Have all of your participants decide on the most unique things that they learned.
  6. Create a poster or digital image with these responses. Post it somewhere in your school or in an online network to teach others about various religions.