How To: Make A Care Package For A Soldier


Our troops go above and beyond. They selflessly lay their lives on the line to protect us. In honor of all they do, why not send a care package to show your appreciation. Here’s how.

  1. Locate a troop. You can use orgs like Give2TheTroops to find servicemen and women who would appreciate your kind show of support.
  2. Know what’s needed. Make sure the items you’re putting in your package can actually be used. Check out this list for the do’s and don’ts of care package sending.
  3. Get travel-size. It’s a lot easier for troops to carry around with them.
  4. Don’t mix. Food and non-food items should NOT be sent in the same package. Think chocolate chip cookies that taste like soap because the two have been sitting next to each other for a month (how long it could take to reach soldiers). Gross right?
  5. Organize your friends. Divide the list of supplies amongst your friends. Someone can get the baked goods, another magazines, someone else toiletries, etc.
  6. Wrap it up. Securely bubble wrap all fragile items to ensure they arrive intact. And for sanitary reasons, leave everything in its ORIGINAL wrapping. Ziplock baggies are a good idea because it will keep sand and other things out of your items. So Ziplock everything.
  7. Include a letter. Who doesn’t love getting that kind of mail? (We sure do.) A big smile will definitely appear on the face of the soldier who receives your card.

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