How to Make a Tubmlr for a Cause


We know what it feels like to have your passion bottled up inside with no way out (it sucks). But don’t stress because we gotcha covered. Share your passion with the world by starting a cause-y Tumblr.  

  1. You can’t make a cause-related Tumblr without a cause. If you need help check out our 11 causes and see which one speaks (or barks) to you. 
  2. Sign up for Tumblr. It is super easy and only takes a minute.
  3. Branding is everything. So have a clean and consistent layout design. Opt for a layout that allows tons of photos if you want a photo-friendly look. If you are going for a wordier look then choose one that automatically shows text.
  4. By visiting, you can search and follow similar organizations. This lets your dashboard automatically update you with their posts.
  5. Reblog content from the organizations you followed. Just make sure to have original posts so everyone can see your passion.
  6. #Tag your posts so people can find your Tumblr easier. 
  7. Spread the word by syncing to other social media such as Twitter or Facebook. You can also choose a few select posts to share.