How To: Make Your Home Animal Friendly


92% of all pets will experience a severe emergency situation sometime in life. (We were as shocked as you are.) Many of those accidents happen right in your own home. So before you leave Fluffy or Mr. Whiskers home alone, make sure you follow these animal-proofing tips.

Living Room

  • Buy plants for your home that are non-toxic.
  • Shorten dangling blind cords so animals don’t get tangled in them.
  • Remove glass objects from counters and tables.


  • Have screens on all windows or keep the windows closed. Flying squirrels= awesome sauce. Flying Mr. Whiskers= disaster.
  • Keep clothes in a closed closet or dresser. No one wants a missing button, or a sick dog.
  • Put covers on all air vents.


  • Keep electrical cords out of reach.
  • Chocolate + fluffy= sick (and not the good kind).
  • Keep trashcans covered.


  • Keep sharp tools and objects out of reach.
  • Move all chemicals to high shelves.
  • Anti-freeze is lethal to animals so clean up all of it from the floor or driveway. (FYI: Up to 10,000 cats and dogs die yealy from products containing antifreeze.)


  • Put a child-proof latch on the toilet so fluffy doesn’t have an unexpected drink.
  • Keep medications, lotions and makeup away from the sink and put them in cabinets.
  • Use child-safety gates to keep your dog out of the bathroom and into a pet-friendly room.