How To: Recycle Batteries



When it comes to recycling our empty water bottles and (diet) soda cans, we've got it locked down. But what do you do with old batteries? Don't sweat it. We've gotcha covered.

  1. Know your battery. Different types of batteries need to be recycled in different ways, and sometimes at different places. 

    If your battery is from a calculator, flashlight, remote control, or alarm clock…

    You probably have an Alkaline battery.
    If your battery is from a watch or fire alarm…You probably have a Lithium Primary battery.

    If your battery is from a cell phone, cordless phone, cordless power tool, laptop, digital camera, or video camera…

    You probably have a Lithium Ion battery, Nickel Cadmium battery, or a Nickel Metal Hydride battery.

  2. Where to go. can connect you with lots of smaller local recycling centers (and even stores!) that you can drop your used batteries off at.
  3. Get a replacement. Many auto shops will give you a discount on a new car battery if you turn in your old one. Just call ahead to make sure the store you’re going to has this program.

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