How To: Run a Free SAT Prep Course


SAT prep courses can really increase your chances of getting a good score on the test, but not everyone has the money to pay for an expensive course at a private agency. With some volunteers and donated test prep material you can run a free prep course that any one of your classmates can take advantage of.

1. Set up collection boxes for lightly used SAT prep books. Ask permission from your school's official and your local librarians to set up collection boxes that people can drop their lightly used prep books in. You can use these books for ideas for questions for your workshops.

2. Ask for volunteer instructors. Ask your math and English teachers if they'd be willing to teach some of the skills needed on the SATs after school. You can also make an announcement about looking for volunteers in AP and honors classes being taken by seniors, asking those who scored high on the test to offer some tips after school.

3. Get a space. Ask your school's officials if you can use a classroom after school for the course. If you're unable to get a room at school, sign up for a conference room at your local library.

4. Get the word out. Once you have your material, volunteers, and space get the word out about your free prep course. Hang up fliers around school, ask to make an announcement over the loud speaker, and start a Facebook page you and your friends can use to spread the word online.


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