How To: Start a Theater Troupe That Helps Cancer Patients

Theater Troupe

Cancer is an ever-growing problem that needs as much support as possible to further research. Why not use your talents and raise funds in a creative way?

  1. Gather your team. Find a few actors who are eager to help you put on the production. Find people from your school, neighborhood, or a local theatre.
  2. Pinpoint your cause. Choose a hospital or an organization that you want to support. It’s much easier to find motivation once you have a specific place in mind.
  3. Pick a show! Select a play or musical that you want to perform. A show with a good message will always generate a good crowd.
  4. Find a location. Many schools would be more than willing to help you by offering usage of the stage. Some local theatres also look for charities or causes to support.
  5. Look for sponsors. Getting the right sponsors will not only fund your production, but would also help support any other fundraisers you might want to do to support the show. Always go up to businesses or individuals with everything they need to know about the show.
  6. Always ask for help. It’s great to meet with theatres and school’s drama departments about borrowing their props and costumes. Usually they’re willing to donate their supplies if they’re not already using them.
  7. Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your little hearts out! Make sure to have a director on your team to clean up mistakes while allowing the creative process to flow.
  8. Promote your performance. It’s a great idea to make posters or Save the Date postcards to put up or distribute around time. It’d also be smart to create & send out press releases to local radio and news stations. Be sure to tell everyone why you are putting on the performance.
  9. Act your heart out! Give the audience the best show that you can, so that they’ll want to continue to come back to support your cause or organization.

Action Guide created by founder of Kids Acting Against Cancer and Six Flags Scholarship Winner Whitten Montgomery.