How To: Start a Wheelchair Basketball Team

Basketball Wheelchair

Don’t let people with disabilities feel like they’re missing out on sports. Start a wheelchair basketball squad and make every player feel like LeBron James!

  1. Get the permission. Most times schools need to grant permission if you want to start a sport or club. Talk to the school principal and get the okay from him or her.
  2. Compile a team. Ask students with physical disabilities if they would be interested in joining a basketball team with able-bodied students.
  3. Find a mentor. What’s a team without their coach? Find a teacher or other respected adult in your school that would want to coach the team, preferably a person who is in good shape and holds a soft spot for disability rights.
  4. Pop a wheel. In order to play this sport, you obviously need wheelchairs. See if a hospital or nursing home or other organization (check out this site for examples) that could donate wheelies to your cause. Note: each wheelchair has to meet specific guidelines to ensure the athletes’ safety.
  5. Read the rules. While wheelchair basketball is very similar to the regular game, some rules do change because of the limitations. Read up!
  6. Scout out a location. Use your school gym or find a local gym to practice at.
  7. Discover strengths. Since each player’s restraints differ from one another, the coach can determine how to accommodate and use their strengths. Also, they could determine which player is at what position.