How To: Volunteer at a Crisis Center


People trying to recover from a crisis need to feel like what they say and think matters. When you volunteer at a crisis center you make it possible for even the smallest voice to be heard.

  1. Before you search for a crisis center, decide on which one you want to volunteer for. Do you want to talk to clients face to face? Over the phone? Is there a certain cause you feel particularly passionate about? Make sure the center you choose is right for you.
  2. Some crisis centers specialize in certain issues such as suicide and abuse, while others offer counseling in a wider range of areas. Make sure you are comfortable discussing any problems with clients.
  3. By volunteering at a crisis center you can change a victim’s life. Get your friends involved and have them share in this rewarding experience. You can hang posters around school, send Facebook invites, or start a club so everyone can know how to get involved.
  4. There are crisis centers all over. If you need help finding one close to you, check out They have more than 150 centers listed throughout the United States.
  5. Crisis centers require new volunteers to go through training to learn how to interact with clients. The total amount of hours spent training depends on the center, so make sure you have time to volunteer.

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