How To: Identify Key Supporters of Music Education and Build Relationships

  1. Brainstorm your networks.Make lists of the members of the school board, administration, school faculty, parents, media, and influential civic and business leaders.
  2. Find out if they love music. Maybe they play or once played an instrument. Or maybe they love to sing or wish they could. Do they rock out between classes or in their car? Or perhaps they have a child who studies music. Whatever the connection, do some digging and find it!
  3. Reach out! Don't be shy. Involve them in your music program somehow. Ask them to introduce your program during a concert, or invite them to your rehearsals and concerts.
  4. Keep people posted.Sometimes just keeping people in the loop makes them feel a part of what you're doing. Start a newsletter and update supporters about the state of your school arts or music program and any upcoming events. That way, if your music program becomes threatened, you'll have people willing to advocate for you!