Action Tips: Make a T-Shirt to Advertise Your Issue or Event

Earth shirt

A great way to raise awareness about an issue (and to show off your fashion style) is to make T-shirts. Follow these easy steps for making a shirt that everyone will be talking about (in a good way).  

Make It Look Clean

Puffy-paint is for elementary school. If you want people to take what you're wearing seriously, try ordering printed t-shirts from:

You can also take a blank shirt and iron on fabric letters that you find at an arts and crafts store.

Make a Slogan

Everyone loves those "I Heart Boobies" bracelets because they are catchy. Your slogan needs to grab a person's attention (without violating school dress code). Some ideas:

  • Front: Every 26 seconds... Back:...someone drops out of high school.
  • Front: I'm into petting. Back: Animals should not be neglected.
  • Front: Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable.

Include Designs

If you want, also use your project's logo or your own design to emphasize the T-shirt's statement.

Have a Call to Action

What do you want people to do about it? After your slogan, display information about...

  • The event you are advertising
  • A website people can visit
  • A simple thing someone can do (i.e. recycle every plastic bottle you use)

Check out other ways you can to take action. GO