Action Tips: Organize a Candlelight Vigil for Your Cause


Want to make a huge visual impact? What's better than hosting a candlelight vigil? It is a great way to inspire people about your cause, while making a visual splash.

Pick a cause 

What are you passionate about? What do you want people to do something about? Check out our 11 causes for some help. 

Find a venue

Pick a place outside that can accommodate a lot of people. Maybe a school sports field (think baseball or football field). 

Get entertainment 

Hire a local band to play or get art students to display artwork relevant to your cause. 

Talk the talk (but not too much)

Give a short speech for everyone who is there. Prepare something to say, thanking people for coming, and explaining what the vigil is for and what it represents. See if you can get people to hold a candle and each candle can represent a statistic. Like if your cause is Darfur, each candle can represent 1,000 lives already lost in Darfur. 

Light up

The candles, that is. Have it be silent, and let the candles burn for five or ten minutes for people to get the full effect. After a few moments of silence, announce again to the people the need for action to be taken. Hopefully, at this point, they will be moved and motivated! 

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