How To: Organize a Mock Election at School

Girls at a mock election

A mock election is an ingenious and rather simple way to school people on the democratic process. Plus, it only takes a week.

Here's How:

  1. Pick two to three presidential candidates. They can be from any historical period including today. You can also make it simple by choosing the 2008 former candidates.
  2. Pick issues to focus on. Examples include green issues, conflict in the Middle East, and education. Investigate each candidate's stances.
  3. Pick nondescript names for your candidates. People already have established opinions about famous politicians, so give candidates pseudonyms like John Lee or Tom Jones.
  4. Present the candidates to your classes. Use a chart stating all of the issues along with a brief biography. Make sure to exclude information that might give away the identity of these imposters.
  5. Have students pick.Make a tally of this 'vote'.
  6. Divide the party lines.Place students on a 'campaign committee' according to candidate preference. Students with no preference can be placed in the group needs more people.
  7. Have each campaign create a platform.Why is their candidate the best?
  8. Raise AwarenessHave committees make posters and commercials for the candidates. These can be positive and/or negative.
  9. Hold a multi-class election. Build ballot boxes from cardboard to mock confidentiality. There should be pens or pencils available for marking the ballots.
  10. Reveal the winner. Then, tell the students who each candidate really represented.

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