Action Tips: Hold Musical Performances Around Town

Boy with a saxophone

We've all seen the crowd street performers can gather. Take a note outta their music book and showcase your talents AND raise awareness about music education. (Sweet!) Here's how:

  • Don't break any laws. Contact your town or city hall just to be sure it's okay to perform.
  • Get your friends involved. Does your BFF play an instrument? Or maybe you're a member of the school band? Recruit these people to join you. 
  • Advertise. Create posters and fliers to put up around town. Think local supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants, etc. Don't forget to ask permission before posting. You can also create a Facebook event and have friends tweet about it. 
  • Scout a high-traffic area. The more people who see and hear you, the better.
  • Hand out information. This is a great job for volunteers aka friends, siblings, and family. Create pamphlets with stats about the importance of music education and give them out to spectators. Be sure to include your school's name and ways they can support you. 


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