Action Tips: Play Karma Tycoon and Learn About Finances

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Karma Tycoon is a new kind of video game that is free to use. Instead of trying to make a million dollars, users are making the world a better place by running not-for-profit organizations in 11 different cities across the United States.

Start Playing

  • Get a Do Something login. Answer a few simple questions and receive your Do Something username.
  • Go to, sign in to the game with your new username and password.
  • Select the city in which you want to play, select the type of not-for-profit organization you want to run and ENJOY!

How to Play

  • Choose Between Running A:
    • Homeless shelter
    • Animal shelter
    • Youth center
    • Senior center
    • Performing arts center
  • Players Then:
    • Apply for grants and loans
    • Buy the basic necessities
    • Watch the news ticker to make sure a hurricane doesn't interfere with plans
  • With successful management of funds, you receive additional grants and donations to expand the organization.
  • The goal of the game is to serve as many people (or animals) as possible, which will maximize karma, so players can move on the next city and make a difference there, too.
  • Karma Tycoon is
    • Engaging
    • Competitive
    • Nonviolent
    • Real-time strategic
    • Educational
    • Entertaining!

For Help

  • For help with the game, to report and error go to our help system. Think this game is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the internet? Email afinger(at)

Play this game at school?!

  • We made some curricula to go along with this game for teachers (mainly so you can play it in school). Karma Tycoon  [Financial Literacy]


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