Action Tips: Best Ways to Share Hunger Facts Online


Kiss telephone calls goodbye. When it comes to spreading ideas among a lot of friends: Facebook chat, Instagram,tweet, or use other social media tools to get people's attentions.

Research Hunger

You can’t educate others on hunger if you are a newbie on the subject. Read up and collect compelling facts and figures.

If you're more of a story teller, visit a soup kitchen and speak to people experiencing the issue. Firsthand accounts are a great way to show that this is a real problem.

Make a Facebook and Twitter Page

Sync your tweets with your statuses on Facebook. Post interesting hunger fact or figure. Because this is all about taking action, send out FB invites for soup kitchen visits and food drives. #Endhunger

Start a Tumblr

Post inspiring photos of people taking action around hunger. You can also link to articles about the topic or highlight famous quotes.

Theme Your Instragram

A picture says a thousand words, so why write? When you do activities, such as visiting soup kitchens, take photos of the event to inspire others to join.

Post Flyers and Posters

An oldie method, but a goodie. Post them in schools, churches, movie theaters and other spots in your community. On the flyers, give statistics and facts on hunger. Write the address to your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram page. Don’t forget to put your phone number for text blasts.