How To: Volunteer as a Music Teacher

Piano playing guy

Spreading awareness about the importance of music education is as easy as "Do-Re-Mi."  Use your already existing music skills to give free lessons to people in your community.

  1. Make a lesson plan. Depending on your instrument, this may be as simple as writing down the first notes or chords you’ll teach your student. Come up with a rough plan so that when lesson time comes, you have an outline to follow. This will help things run smoothly. 
  2. Designate a space. Whether it’s your living room, the school cafeteria, or your school’s music room, you need a space to hold your lessons.  Be considerate of the people and spaces around you and make sure you have permission to use the space before you teach.
  3. Advertise. Make a flyer with your name, contact information, and type of lesson you’ll be offering.  Put it up in supermarkets, your school, or community center.  You may want to use an e-mail address that you created specifically for this outreach, instead of your phone number if you’re unsure about posting it all over town.
  4. Learn the real deal. Once you schedule lessons, learn your students’ stories.  Find out why music is important to them and why they want to learn. They may end up being a great resource for your music education efforts.
  5. Teach. Finally, do what it is you set out to do – teach music! If you’re no Beethoven, don’t sweat. Any music knowledge you can give your student is enough to spark the same passion that you have.  Keep lessons short, less than 30 minutes, and you’ll have the perfect amount of time to learn, teach, and spread awareness of the importance of music education as you experience it first hand.

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