How To: Volunteer to Help a Youth Team or After School Program in Your Town


Love to play soccer? Or just love to play with kids? Then this is the thing for you. Feel great about yourself while helping some kids get exercise!

  1. Pick your sport. So many options… t-ball, basketball, soccer… Figure out what you want to be doing first.
  2. Find nearby teams or organizations.Contact coaches and schools to see what sports are offered for kids in your town. Maybe there is an intramural soccer team that you could assistant coach, or maybe there is an after-school program in the gym you can help out with. See what your options are and compare them to what activities you decided you wanted to do in step 1.
  3. Pick up the phone.Figure out how you can contact the heads of these programs or coaches. Ask them if they need help, and tell them what you are doing and why you want to do it.
  4. Ask to see if you need to be certified to work with kids. They may want you to know CPR or other things like that. Also, ask if there is any paperwork that you may have to fill out. There may be liability stuff you will have to deal with, so ask tons of questions. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Figure out some fun activities.Ask the coach first, but maybe you can liven up a practice by showing the kids new drills or quick, fun games in addition to regular practice. If you’re helping out at an after school program, see what kind of equipment you have available, and come up with a fun new game to get the kids excited.
  6. Have fun!Get out there with the kids and show them how much fun they can have while getting exercise. The healthier they are, the better you will feel about your work – and don’t forget, you’re getting exercise too!