Action Tips: Support Gay Rights

Rainbow flags at a parade

Here's how you can join the fight for gay equal rights:

  • Register to vote! Tell our government how you feel through voting! Be sure to update your address if you are registered to vote or sign up if you are not.
  • Sign a petition for same-sex marriage Sign the Human Rights Campaign petition or create your own!
  • Write your state senator or representative Your State Senators and Representatives were elected by you and act on your behalf. Let them know how you feel.
  • Contact the White House Obama has repeatedly promised to help lead the fight for gay and lesbian rights but his administration recently defended DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and pressured the Supreme Court not to overturn the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Send letters supporting gay equality directly to our president.
  • Support gay schools Help the Hetrick-Martin Institute alleviate queer youth from the perils of harassment and violence by contacting the New York City Department of Education or by providing funding to The Harvey Milk School.
  • Write the church. A simple email to gay-friendly churches can go a long way towards the confirmation of gay clergymen.
  • Volunteer for a gay rights organization There are several organizations that help promote gay rights and safety. Find the one that best suits your lifestyle.
  • Lobby for Gay Adoption The American Bar Association had recently agreed to endorse and lobby states for equal adoption rights for same-sex couples. Join the fight!

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