Background on Disaster Preparedness

Disasters can strike home at any time. The dizzying list of potential catastrophes is scary: avalanches, blizzards, droughts, earthquakes, floods, ice storms, landslides, tornadoes, volcanoes and wildfires. We witnessed Hurricane Katrina, the Burma cyclone, and the California wildfires all within a short amount of time. And with the earth’s temperature on the rise, these disasters will probably just become more frequent and more devastating.

For years experts have said that global warning is likely to result in more typhoons and hurricanes and more severe and frequent droughts. Typhoons and hurricanes are likely to increase as ocean temperatures rise, while decreased precipitation will lead to harsher droughts, which will likely hit Africa the worst. Although it's depressing to think about, the thought of a disaster happening at any time may actually benefit those who have worried enough to prepare.

We have tons of tips on how to make a disaster plan and how to assemble an emergency kit. Take note, though, that the experts offer a lot of advice and suggest many supplies for the emergency kit. It can all be overwhelming, but taking the time to read through all the information can make emergency planning easier. And it could save your life.