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Apr 30 - May 7

Be a part of a crowd-sourced song to help provide grants to schools whose music ed programs are in danger.


people did it
people doing it
Check out some recent submissions and see what people are already saying about Battle for the Bands and music education! more»
Jessie J tells us about her most inspirational music teacher. more»
Whether you're first clarinet in marching band, the star singer in choir, or just like to strum the guitar in your spare time, here's what your instrument says about you (and some celebrities that would have sat in your se more»
Allen Mask (last year's Battle for the Bands winner and super talented recording artist) talks about his experience with the 2011 Battle for the Bands campaign, from his initial passion for music to his live NYC performance last Spring in honor of his win. more»
Check out our exclusive interview with Florence Welch! more»
Tonight is the last episode of GLEE before a unbearable month-or-so hiatus. To commemorate, take a look at our GLEE quiz that will tell you which McKinley student you share musical tastes with. more»
Read about all of the cool stuff we'll send you to fight for music in schools when you opt in to receive an action kit with Battle for the Bands! more»
Travie sums up a world without music in one very sad face more»
Over 20,000 people were involved in taking creating videos and advocacy projects to fight for music education in their schools. We had garage bands, school bands, kazoo bands... more»

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