Apr 30 - May 7

Be a part of a crowd-sourced song to help provide grants to schools whose music ed programs are in danger.


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Almost done! Just a few more questions..
Music education... IS LIFE to US... students not only in Hamilton Highschool but all over! Ask any young adult what makes them feel better. Ask them what drives them to go to school. Ask students at Hamilton how much they pride themselves in their musicals, bands, dancers, singers, musicians, and teachers! We need this grant so badly. Even students that aren't in the Music Academy can't stay away from music! We have our annual talent show and almost every number includes original music pieces, covers, or music mashes edited by students! Our auditorium holds over 60 performances every year! We are constantly having fundraisers to save our music... and unfortunately we have gotten to the point where the district has cut our funding for the spring musical.... this year that musical will be Hairspray... and we are having to come up with all of the money on our own. Will this be our last musical? Without the musical we will lose the magical event that ties together singing, acting, dancing, instruments, music tech, stage tech, and one of the most exciting events that us Hamilton students look forward to!
So many people were interested and got involved! We had meetings and met and brainstormed to see what could get our ideas across the quickest.. unfortunatley we realized that none of us "musicians" had a "free" period which we could come together and rehearse. So we decided that the quickest way (because we only had two weeks) was to interview music teachers that really spoke to US to speak to YOU. For audio, we chose some of our favorite pieces that the school has done this year. The first piece is performed by one of our many Bands taught by Mr. Foschia, the second was "Hatfield's Arr of Las Amarillas" by Jazz Choir taught by Mr. Hamilton and the last piece was piano (the class is taught by Ms. Oliver). We got together the audio, footage (our choir video wasn't in the right format so we had to work with other footage we had), and we edited the video to be as truthful and to the point as it could be!
Finding footage, a camera that I could use to film footage of our students performing. We have shows ALL THE TIME so believe it or not it was very hard to find someone available to film the performance! THE AGONY! Knowing I am surrounded by music everywhere and I can't show the rest of the world frustrated me quite a bit. We decided the second best thing we had was our teachers and we knew that we could catch them between classes. As for the biggest challenge at our school.... we have had so many, especially recently we have had major setbacks with our funding and budget cuts and we are thinking of becoming a charter school next year and see if we can survive on funding from elsewhere. This is why we NEED this grant so badly! We will put the money to great use - the students will be so happy! We are all so informed on our current budget situation because Hamilton is practically school run. We wouldn't hide the truth from ourselves.. if anything we express the truth through our art.