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Be a part of a crowd-sourced song to help provide grants to schools whose music ed programs are in danger.


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Music education is important to me because I believe that music has influenced my life for the better. I have participated in choir's, orchestra's and dance teams and have made relationships and accomplished so much just from the experiences music has afforded me. It gives people the opportunity to express themselves. I couldn't image growing up in a school system without music. It is the one thing that gives you freedom. I grew up in a Urban neighborhood. A lot of times there is not much for a young person to do. Taking away music is like taking away one of the things that could make a difference in their lives. Being apart of a group, band or choir makes you feel like you're apart of something. The alternative is finding acceptance and approval in negative peer groups. It's not fair to see music or art education and after school activities removed from schools. We're leaving our children very few positive choices to become involved in. Music education is important to me because I know where I could have been without it and I know where I am now. Music inspires me.
The video was recorded in downtown Toledo at an art studio. It was meant to encompass a raw feel for individuals to experience the making of a completed work. We wanted to include images of art, music and poetry. Individuals were shot giving statements about the influence of music and art o their life's. There were different shots taken and the poem was recited during the different shots. The statements were taken and then the actual music was added into the final product of the film. We attempted to capture art and the making of music in its most simplest/pure form. Adan was responsible for the camera work and all editing. Jammal Lee handled the making of the beats that are used throughout the film. Megan Woodruff put together the poem and created the vision of the video. All three individuals played a big part in the direction of how the video. Nate Perez and Quanishia Gibson were selected to give statements and share clips of their art because of their large involvement in the arts. We wanted to emphasis the freedom within, necessity and impact of music on our life's. The images in the video and suppose to be a manifestation of the gentleman in the video's imagination. He is meditating on the music and the young lady in the video is how he sees the words from the poem. We wanted people not only to be able to hear the poem but, also to see the images of what the words look like in action. Music and poetry paints visual pictures with words. We wanted to capture that picture in this video.
The biggest challenge of making this video was getting putting the individual parts together and the amount of time that had to be devoted to the film. I don't think I realized how much work it actually takes to make a five minute video. You see the finish product and realize the amount of effort that was put forth. There were plenty of times that we had to redo a shot because a line wasn't remembered or laughter couldn't be contained. Although it was a challenge, it was definitely worth it! I've never experienced something quite like this. It makes you feel good to know that you could potentially be a part of something that so many other people of involved with. Doing something to make a difference.