Apr 30 - May 7

Be a part of a crowd-sourced song to help provide grants to schools whose music ed programs are in danger.


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The Resistance
Use Your Speaking Voice Video,,
Almost done! Just a few more questions..
Music Education is important to our whole band. Each one of us would never be where we are at, if it wasn't for music education in our schools. To us, music is everything. It is our life, and it brings us together. Our band is just like a family. We feel that it brings everyone together, because it is the universal language. It also makes kids use their imagination and help express themselves. furthermore it builds the life long skills that are needed to be well rounded citizen in the future. If schools cut music out of the budget, then the future children are not going to be able to experience the power and magic of music. It will cut out on many opportunities for them. To all of us in The Resistance, music is everything. Every single day evolves around our music. And sure, there are other hobbies and activities to do. But by not exposing music to the upcoming generations, kids like us might never find music and never get to experience the magic of it like we have.
We heard about the Battle from Sierra's mom, and we knew that we must make a video stating about how much we care about music. Music is the reason for why we all met, and we are very thankful for that. Unfortunately, we thought that we had missed the deadline until we heard that it got extended. Then, we knew we must get working on the video. We had two days to make it before the deadline. So we shot all of the scenes in about 5 hours after school. Jess and Jerad then spent the next night, from 4-10 editing it and uploading to youtube.
The biggest challenge was definitely the time slot. We wanted to make something of very good quality, but did not have as much time as we would have liked. But nevertheless we put our hearts into what we said, and really tried to describe the love and passion that we have for music.