Apr 30 - May 7

Be a part of a crowd-sourced song to help provide grants to schools whose music ed programs are in danger.


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Alfredo J.
Grupo Klave
Puerto Rico
Original Music Video
Almost done! Just a few more questions..
We think that this is the best way possible of relaxation for all the troubles that we get trough in life, classes and we consider that for being in a specialized school where we have to be the whole week in a residence special for the school that we need this type of liberation from the stress we develop of all the materials we have to study. Music has brought us much moments of happiness where we just can't stop laughing at the curiosities of life. We need the music in our life, that's why made our group, and at each of the school's activities we have made an appearance, winning the hearts of the audience (our schoolmates). Making music makes us see the things in life much different as they may seem to be, we get a much more clear vision of the realities we have to face day by day, and we love that, we get the opportunity to make great conversations that are worth the while and actually get to the correct conclusions and do something about it. We think that there's nothing like music, and if it get to be removed from our schools, other teenager like us won;t have the same wonderful opportunities as we do right now. This is our testimony of the greatness of music, and why should it be kept in schools.
Since we saw the opportunity, countless of ideas and brainstorms took place in our conversations. How could we do it? How would we do it? One day w decided that e needed to show that we could do it, and in less than two hours we had the melody and halve of the lyrics. In just three days we shot and edited everything. Only six people working on this project. The filming took place around the school, which is on the top of the mountain of Mayaüez Puerto Rico. The music editing and development was taken inside the residence of the school and the classroom of the arts teacher.
Since we had few resources, we struggled a little with the process of making the video and the song. We also had little time to make the song and the video because we're approximating the end of the year, and since we're in a specialized school in math and science we had even less opportunity to get together and get things done. even though we had to pass through thick and thin, we enjoyed making this, there is nothing that we've made that has made us feel so important and talented. Making, producing and recording the song in less than a week, and we're proud of what we have accomplished, and we hope with all our hearts that the viewers will too.