Apr 30 - May 7

Be a part of a crowd-sourced song to help provide grants to schools whose music ed programs are in danger.


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Almost done! Just a few more questions..
Music education is important because it is what gives us inspiration to express ourselves and in doing that it can help us discover who we are. So in a way, being able to play music and be creative is a key factor is our journey of life.
When we heard the topic of the competition, we immediately thought of music that inspires us. Our first verse is a combination of lyrics from songs we love. The artists include Katy Perry, Green Day, John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Howie Day, and Taylor Swift. We wrote the music in the chorus and bridge, along with all of the instrumental parts. The video was filmed in lovely Bridgeport, CT. A lot of community effort was put into the making of the song and music video.
Finishing on time! We spent too much time on small details. Also, it was very difficult for us to figure out the harmonies.