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Meet The 2013 Do Something Awards Winner, Daniel Maree!

Why he was moved by Trayvon Martin's death and the movement he started a result.

Using Tattoos To Raise Awareness

Kristin Hutkin is saving her relatives from the dangers of texting and driving.

Why This Teen is Making her Family's Lifestyle Healthier

Olivia Basso is making a huge difference in her family with I<3Dad.

Aevidum: A Made Up Word With A Life-Saving Meaning

How Maggie Cardin is taking action around mental health.

The Issue This Teen in Algeria is Also Fighting

What Ali Cherif Khadi is doing to raise awareness on texting and driving.

Doodling for Social Change

How Emma LaPlante is helping communities through art.

Meet Sasha Fisher, Do Something Award Nominee!

What she's doing to help communities in Rwanda and Uganda.

How This 19-Year-Old is Using His Illness to Help Others

Kevin Breel is raising awareness and breaking stigmas around depression.

The Life-Saving Gift This Teen Gave Her Dad

Learn what Kimberly Sandoval is doing to keep her dad's blood pressure in check.

STEM-CAM: Making Math & Science Fun Since 2012

If you associate Math and Science with the word "boring" you should check what Samantha Rizzuto is doing.