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gay marriage

Cheat Sheet: Prop 8 Case Closed

What this means for same-sex couples in Cali.


11 Facts About School Violence

1 in 12 high school teens are injured or threatened with a weapon each year.

lance armstrong

Cheat Sheet: Lance Armstrong Doping Charges

Why he may lose his 7 Tour de France titles.

Katia Gomez

Meet Do Something Awards Winner Katia Gomez

How she's helping children create better futures for themselves.

Grieving Mom Hears Deceased Son's Heart Beat Again

How organ donation made this possible.


World Mosquito Day: 5 Facts About Malaria

Half the global population is at risk.


5 Myths About Owning a Dog

Don't be tricked before you train your pup.

Disco Ball

5 LOL-Worthy Themes for Your Event

Ideas to spice up your charity gathering.


5 Comebacks to World Hunger Deniers

School people who don't take it seriously.

We Can't Stop Looking At These 5 Bullying Videos

PSAs and commercials that have us hooked.