11 Cause-y April Fools' Day Pranks

Don't go with the common April Fools' pranks that are boring and forgetful. This year, have your pranks leave an impact, while leaving you crying from laughter.

  1. No Flushing. Remove the handle from your toilets so that your family will be forced to conserve water. We know this sounds extremely gross, but come on, won't it be funny to watch your family try to 'hold it in' until you put them back?
  2. Coke Explosion. When your friend or sibling isn't looking, drop a mentos into their coke. Sit back and laugh as they become covered in foam, and are forced to drink a more healthy alternative.
  3. Hide the Keys. Hide all of the car keys in the house so your family will be forced to walk. Don't feel bad if they have over an hour walk, there is always the bus!
  4. Eat Healthy. Make a hole at the bottom of candy, sugar, and other junk food boxes and bags. Watch their faces as junk food is spilled all over the floor, and on them. Maybe this will convince them to eat more healthy!
  5. Confetti Madness. Replace the cord of your ceiling fan with a string attached to a cup. Once someone pulls the cord to turn the fan on, the confetti will fall on them. This will cause a hilarious mess, while also conserving energy. For extra fun, hide the vacuum cleaner and broom so it has to be cleaned up by hand.
  6. Sugar and Salt Mixer. Take this classic prank and bring it one step further. Instead of switching salt and sugar, mix it up! Not only will their eggs and coffee taste gross, but they will eat more healthy without added sugar and salt all day.
  7. Adopt an Animal. This is a good idea if your parents aren't pet people. Adopt an animal from a shelter and bring it home. After your parents freak out, tell them facts about animal cruelty and they are sure to be happy with the idea. How can they resist an adorable animal?
  8. Donate Canned Foods. Watch as your roommate or family member searches frantically for the can of tuna or corn. If you missed one, dull all of the can openers in the house so they have no choice but to donate.
  9. Prank Hoax. Gather your friends and rally them up for the best school prank ever! They may be disappointed when you tell them that they are about to join an awareness club, but they'll soon forget once they hear your cause.
  10. Wrong Time. Fix all of the clocks in the house so that it is one hour ahead. Once everyone realizes they over slept, they will think twice about staying up late the night before.
  11. Tech addicts. Hide all of the phone and computer chargers. Once everything goes dead, your family will be able to enjoy the day, read a book, or spend some quality time together without vibrations and Facebook notifications.