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Featured Club: Montgomery Club

How they PB&J'ed their way to making a difference.

Saving Lives, One Thumb at a Time

What this teen is doing to stop texting and driving.

Why Over 71K Young People Texted President Obama

Your questions about student debt. His answers.

3 Cause-y Ways to Celebrate July 4th

What you can do.

Meet Ben Simon, Do Something Awards Nominee!

How he's taking action around hunger in the U.S.

Reviving Haiti Through Reforestation

Laura Livingston and her team are healing Haiti one tree at time.

Meet Jillian Mourning, Do Something Award Nominee!

What she's doing to fight sex trafficking.

This Teen's Convo With President Obama

What he had to say about student loans and public service.

How Two Teens Are Using Tennis to Help Their Community

What they're doing to promote fitness.

What Teachers Are Learning From This Teen

How Rebecca is helping schools take action against bullying.