11 Reasons Why We Loved Our Visit With Justin Long

Justin Long

Yesterday we got the chance to surprise awesome DoSomething.org member Alexandra Capellini with a visit from Justin Long. The 16-year-old has been making change, and Justin wanted to recognize her efforts...in front of her entire school. The whole thing went down so well, we pretty much fell in love with the actor.

Why? Well...

  1. Justin Long is funny. Like, really funny.
  2. The babies he met loved him. Justin = baby kryptonite.
  3. He has his own stash of DoSomething.org t-shirts.
  4. He integrates the DoSomething.org pun as much as possible into every day conversation.
  5. He does a killer Minnesota accent.
  6. He's a huge advocate for our Teen for Jeans campaign, which helps homeless young people.
  7. He's a very big deal at Poly Prep high school. The crowd went wild for him!
  8. You'll be hard pressed to find a more gracious and energetic guy.
  9. He always holds the door for people.
  10. He thinks DoSomething.org member Alexandra Capellini is awesome. Who can argue with that?
  11. He's truly passionate about teens taking action around social causes!

Are you the next person to receive a surprise visit from a celeb? Become a DoSomething.org member, and it could happen to you.

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