3 Ways to Have a Cause-tacular Halloween!

Make this Halloween about more than just candy and scares. Use this super sweet holiday to help your cause! Raise awareness, or take action to make someone else's holiday better.
  1. Wear a cause-y costume. Dress up as something relating to your cause. For example, if your cause is the environment, you could use recycled bottles and containers to be a recycling bin. Silly, but definitely eye-catching. Or you could dress up as your favorite activist, such as Kate Middleton or Angelina Jolie. Every time someone asks what you are, take the opportunity to tell them a little about your cause. Free advertising for your cause!
  2. Help underprivileged kids have a fun Halloween. Halloween can be super expensive, from candy to costume. Some families can’t afford it. Look through your old costumes and consider donating the ones you’ll never wear again to a homeless shelter.
  3. Collect and donate candy to a shelter to make homeless kids’ Halloween a little sweeter. Donate your extra candy, or hold a candy drive at your school.

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