3 Cause-y Ways to Celebrate July 4th

This 4th of July, show your pride and appreciation for your country by not only giving back to your community, but also Mama Earth. Check out these three cause-y activities to incorporate into your celebrations:

1. Beach clean-up: While your parents are grillin’ up burgers and corn on the cob, work up your appetite by picking up trash along the beach with your friends. It’s easy to do and will make a huge difference in the pollution of our oceans, lakes and seas.

2. Vet Appreciation: Hanging home on the 4th? Leave some supplies out for your guests to make their own thank you card for a veteran. It's a great way to remember those who fought for your freedom.

3. Recycle: Put out an extra bin or bag and mark it with a recycle symbol for cans and bottles. You can even do this if you aren’t hosting. The landfills will thank you!

Check out these tips for a safe and fun-filled 4th of July. GO

- Desirée Coleman is a New York writer who can't get enough music, tea or social change. She hopes that one day all people will have access to clean drinking water.