3 Green Summer Date Ideas

Got a crush on an environmentalist and looking for a way to impress him/her. Well, look no further. We’ve got three date ideas that are sure to leave an impression on not only your date, but also Mama Earth.   

  1. A Stroll Under the Stars: Pick any local park to walk around during and after sunset. This is a free and season sensitive date that lets you enjoy nature. And the best part? The only things you'll be leaving behind are “walk away” footprints.
  2. Sand and Surf:  A day at the beach may seem like a summer date no-brainer, but keep the occasion environmentally conscious by doing a quick garbage cleanup of the surrounding area before you guys leave.
  3. Go Camping: Challenge yourselves to leave all technology behind for a weekend in the woods. Here are some additional tips for making it even more eco-friendly:
  • Buy used gear. If you’re not someone who goes camping a lot (read: you can count the number of times on one hand), then there’s no need to waste money or resources on new equipment when you can get great stuff at a second hand store.
  • Camp nearby (if possible). Closer destination = less time in traffic, less emissions and more time to spend roastin’ marshmallows. S’mores anyone?
  • Stay on track. Minimize your impact on the environment, by staying on designated trails. You could destroy delicate ecosystems and plant life otherwise.
  • Build a safe campfire. Here’s how.


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- Sidney Madden is the ultimate people person, a proud Boston native living in New York and a journalism major at Hofstra University. Her favorite causes to cover are Discrimination and Human Rights.