3 Things To Do This Earth Day

In honor of Mama Earth and all that she provides, we’ve put together a list of things YOU can do to give her a helping hand. (Side note: these can be done year-round. Woot!)

1. Recycle e-waste. With the speed that new technology is being introduced, our “latest” gadgets quickly become yesterday’s news. We’ve all got old computers, phones, batteries and chargers collecting dust somewhere in our homes. However, just dumping these kinds of materials into the trash does more damage than good. Electronics can release chemicals and metals that are harmful to the environment. Take old gadgets to e-waste recycling facilities like e-Stewards to safely get rid of your devices.

2. Create a Campus Climate Action Plan. These action plans take place all over the country to battle the negative impact a school has on its environment. So far, over 600 campuses and universities have already done so. Get a group together and find out how to organize one here.

3. Call in Energy Star. Public buildings (i.e. schools, malls, offices) account for half of energy used in the US.  Crazy, right? You can help make your school more energy efficient with these easy changes. Switching to more energy efficient light bulbs and making use of power saving options on your desktops will definitely make a difference. Even better – unplug electronics that aren’t being used. Get your whole school to fight energy vampires. Here’s how.


- Kori Williams is a NYC freelance writer, who loves music, food, and photography. Her favorite cause is Human Rights.

Sources: Energy Star, Earth Day Network

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