3 Things To Do This Holiday Break

You’ve made it through the tests and final projects. And that could only mean one thing – IT’S FINALLY CHRISTMAS BREAK. We know it’s hard to not spend that time curled up in bed with hot chocolate and a holiday movie favorite: “Elf.” But, when you’ve had enough of candy cane forest and the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops, we’ve got a list of great things you can do to help spread holiday cheer!

  1. 1. Having your grandparents over? Teach them the tricks of the technology trade aka email, Facebook, Skype… you get the idea. And share a pic with DoSomething.org! Even better, go to your local senior center and do the same thing.
  2. Help a neighbor out by offering to shovel the snow out of their drive way!
  3. When your family is over, do a Teens for Jeans collection. Ask your family to bring along their old jeans, and donate them to your local Aeropostale store to help homeless teens in a big way.

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