3 Ways to Celebrate Food Revolution Day

The 2nd annual Food Revolution Day is being celebrated on May 17, 2013 to spread the love and importance of fresh, healthy food. Get involved to share the tastiness (nom nom nom) and tell the world why food is so great. If you’re like us, you probably already do that every day anyway... right?

Why cooking skills matter:

Americans consume 31 percent more packaged foods than fresh foods and admit to eating 20 percent of all meals in the car. But let’s be real, homemade meals aren’t overrated. Fresh foods are both delicious and more nutritious. By learning a few simple cooking skills, you can be a true foodie. Trust us: your body will thank you.

What you can do:

1. Be a Recipe Scavenger:

  • Exchange recipes with friends on social networks.
  • Search for fresh, new recipes to add to your collection that are easy to make.
  • Start a recipe chain.

2. Take a picture of your home-cooked meal and post it using the hashtag #FRD13.

3. Encourage friends and classmates to bring more bagged lunches to school. And if you are going to buy, try to go for the fruits, veggies and protein.

Create a healthy living cookbook. GO

Source: Food Revolution Day