5 Cause-y Things To Do This Thanksgiving

You survived the first days months of school, got through Halloween (hopefully with a bag full of treats, not TRICKS, to show for it) and now it’s almost that time of year. Yes, Thanksgiving – a glorious day filled with pies, turkey, football, AND let’s not forget family and friends.

If your current Thanksgiving break plans include sitting at home and watching cat videos until 1 am, welll, you wouldn’t be alone. But, for when you want er rather need to take a break we’ve got some cause-y things you can do!

  1. Help out a neighbor. Mow the lawn and rake up the leaves for an elderly (or not so elderly) neighbor, local senior center, community centers, schools or places of worship.
  2. Get your family to help you save some lives, literally. Introduce your whole family to Give A Spit and help save the lives of people with bone cancer. This would be optimal right before your family eats that scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner (they’ll be salivating like cray).
  3. Somebody in your family, if not everybody, has to have an old phone that they ditched when the iPhone 5S came out. Gather up all the family’s old phones (even the ones that existed before iPhones) and donate them to better the lives of survivors of domestic violence.
  4. Be the tech guru of your family and participate in the Grandparents Gone Wired campaign. Teach your grandparents the art of technology and share a pic with us!
  5. Have family members coming to Thanksgiving dinner bring all their old jeans with them. Imagine how many pairs of jeans your entire family has combined. It’s probably a whole lot. You can drop it off at your local Aéropostale store with our Teens for Jeans campaign and help clothe homeless teens. 

Volunteer at a soup kitchen. GO

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