5 Endangered Animals So Ugly They’re Cute

Animals range from cute to ferocious to, well… just plain ugly. But that doesn’t mean we love them any less. Here are 5 endangered species that are SO ugly, they're cute.

Tasmanian Devil

No, I’m not talking about the cartoon. Tasmanian Devils are vicious, carnivorous animals about the size of a beagle. Tasmanian Devils only live on the island of Tasmania (hence the name). Recently, a deadly cancer has been circulating among the Tasmanian Devils, putting them on the endangered species list.

Ganges River Dolphin

The Ganges River Dolphin can only be found in the Ganges River system. There are only 2,000 Ganges River Dolphins left. In 2009, India made the Ganges River Dolphin the national aquatic animal of India, providing extra protection for the endangered animal.

Kiwi Bird

Like its distant cousins the ostrich and the emu, the Kiwi Bird cannot fly. The little birds are the national symbol of New Zealand. Because of habitat loss and hunting, they are nearly extinct.


Echidnas can be as tiny as 2-7 pounds! You would think that a creature as pointy as this one would have plenty of protection. Well, think again. Because of hunting and habitat loss, the Echidnas are an endangered species.

Monito Del Monte 


Despite being named “monkey of the mountains,” the Monito Del monte is a marsupial (like a kangaroo). Monito Del Montes live in the Chilean forests. These forests are being cut down in order to urbanize the area, destroying their natural habitat.

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